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About NEO

A public institution created in virtue of the decree-law 77/80
  • Has an administrative and financial autonomy
  • It is under the tutorship of the Ministry of Labour
  • Has a board of directors with a tripartite structure
  • To conduct studies and research to formulate employment policies for Lebanon.
  • To improve the employability and skill level of newly entrant labor force through an accelerated vocational training.
  • To find job opportunities for job seekers through the Employment Bureau for the purpose of reducing unemployment rates.
  • To build the capacities of persons with disabilities in order to increase their employability

Board of Directors:
  • President: the Minister of Labour/ responsible of the administrative tutorship.
  • Vice President: Director General of the Ministry of Labour.
  • Three members representing the Center for Education Research and Development, the Lebanese University and the Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education.
  • University and The Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education.
  • Five members from various economic fields representing the Employers in the private sector.
  • Three members representing the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers.
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