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  1. Introduction
    The local bureau of employment is an employment unit within the National Employment Office aiming at meeting the needs of the labor market.

  2. Objectives of the local employment bureau
    I- To receive job applications and job offers and make necessary contacts to meet these applications and offers.
    II- To collect data on available job opportunities and labour force/manpower employment.
    III- To inform institutions about the available labour force/man power and assist them in identifying their quantitative and qualitative current and future needs.
    IV- To Contribute to the labour market statistics.
    V- To undertake vocational orientation activities according to the instructions of the Vocational Orientation Department.

  3. Address of the Employment Bureau
    Beirut Office
    The Museum Boulevard, Melhem Khalaf Street near the Syriac Church
    Phone: 961 1 616335/6
    Fax: 961 1 616337

    Tripoly Office
    Tripoly Serail
    Phone/fax: 961 6 447440

    Saida Office
    Saida Serail
    Phone/fax: 961 7 727911

  4. Working hours
    From Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 2:30pm
    Friday from 8 am to 1:00 pm
    Saturday from 8 am to 2:00 pm

  5. Applications
    I - How to apply
    Lebanese applicants  could come personally to the Employment Bureau Office in order to fill the job application; a special file shall be opened for each one of them. Job applications can also be filled through the  website which will  be activated online after validation of the information provided and submission of the required documents.

    II - Documents required can be uploaded online
    - Copy of the ID or an individual civil status certificate
    - One recent passport photo
    - CV (if any)
    The same documents are required for persons with disability holders of a disability card.

    III - Procedures

    • The employment bureaus in Beirut, Tripoly and Saida receive job seekers from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 1:00pm
    • Job seekers should bring along the documents required as listed above
    • Job seekers will be received and interviewed by an employment officer to fill with them the application form.
    • Job seekers will receive a registration card upon completion of the application form which holds the number of their file. This registration card must be kept by the job seekers and referred to for any further follow-up on their application.
    • The employment officer will contact applicants upon finding a job opportunity that suits their competencies and will nominate them upon applicants’ approval.
    • The employment officers are also available to provide job seekers with necessary counseling services including support in writing their CVs/Resumes, preparation for the interview, vocational orientation, and information on the labour market. 

  6. Job offers
     I - Job offers for Lebanese citizens
    These are divided into two types:
    - Local job offers (for working inside Lebanon)
    - Foreign job offers (for working abroad)
    Employers or their representatives can submit their job offers through the following means:
    * By phone calling the numbers  listed above
    * By filling the online job offer application form available on the website
    * By fax on the following number 01/616337
    * In person at the Employment Bureau Office and fill the job offer application form with an employment officer
    * By asking the employment bureau to send an employment officer to visit

    Upon receiving the job offer, the employment bureau will promptly look for Lebanese job applicants whose qualifications correspond to the job offer.
    CVs shall be sent to the employer either by fax, by email or in person  to select the appropriate persons and schedule appointments for interview.

    II - Job offers for foreign experts or specialists in Lebanon
    Such offers apply only to institutions intending to recruit foreign experts and specialists in Lebanon.
    Employers or their representatives are required to come in person to the Employment Bureau to submit such offers.
    These job offers should comply with the memorandum n° 2/99 relating to employing foreigners.

    III - Job Offers for persons with disability
    The employers or their representative are required to come in person to the NEO to present their job offers.
    These job offers should comply with the low 220 relating to persons with disability.

  • To find temporary or permanent work for people with disability.
  • To support   people with disability to practice  a job that fits with their capacity and health condition.
  • To acquire job related skills which increases their qualifications, experience and possibility in finding employment within and outside the framework of the protected workshop
  • To provide financial income for work performed.

Protected workshops need external financial support to cover related costs
The NEO supports financially NGOs active in the rehabilitation and employment of people with disability within the framework of the protected workshops.

Terms of the contract
The protected workshop must meet the following conditions:

  • Employing Lebanese persons with disability holding a personal disability card.
  • Existing in a geographical location and building  convenient for people with disabilities (geographic location and building).
  • Possessing a license from the competent official authority mandated to care for people with disability.
  • The presence of professional supervisors at the workshop.
  • The availability of health conditions and the necessary equipment to facilitate the work of  people with disability.
Documents to be submitted
  • A request to receive  financial assistance.
  • Statement of necessary needs with  estimated cost.
  • The annual budget of the protected workshop.
  • A list of supervisors and administrators working at the workshop with their qualifications, competencies and experience.
  • A list of people with disability working at the protected workshop with the card number of each including place and date of birth, type of disability and the profession they exercise.
  • A copy of the personal disability card.
  • A list of machinery and equipment available at the protected workshop.
  • A copy of the license which includes the authority to care for people with disability.
  • A copy of the internal rules and procedures of the supervising association/NGO with the knowledge and news.
  • Statement from the Ministry of the Interior of the members of administrative body and their missions.
This department deals with job offers from institutions that intend to recruit foreign specialists or experts in Lebanon. Such job offers must be submitted in person by employers or their representatives to the employment office. Adherence to the contents of the memo No. 99/2 attached hereto is required

Memo No 99/2
date: 17/5/1999

The conditions to access to a certificate from the NEO related to the work of foreigners:
According to the Decree No. 17561 Date 18.09.1964, and its amendments, particularly article VIII (organization of the work of foreigners)
According to the Decree No. 2019 Date 10/05/1979, particularly Article 17, para H
Further to the decision No. 466/1 Date 08/19/1997 (Business and Professions to be confined to Lebanese)
Based on the instructions of His Excellency the Minister of Labour - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NEO
Those wishing to recruit foreign technical labour force are requested to comply with the following:
  • To register the job offer relevant to the foreigner at the NEO

  • To disseminate the job offer in the three daily newspapers determined by the NEO three times for a period of fifteen days, after its registration within 48 hours according to the following sample:

  • _________________ announces its need to ______________________
meeting the following conditions:
- Qualifications
- Age
- Experience
Those wishing to apply to refer to the NEO
Phone: 01/616 335

In case there are Lebanese applicant matching the offer:
A – The NEO will nominate Lebanese candidates who meet the employers’ requirements.
B – The NEO will inform the Ministry of Labour of the results following a written statement received from the employers with their response (including justification in the event of non-acceptance of candidates)

In case no Lebanese applicants matching the offer are available:
The NEO will provide the employer, after the expiry of the legal deadline from the date of registration of the offer, a written statement of results to submit to the relevant department at the Ministry of Labour which has the authority to take the necessary measures.
This memo is effective from date of issuance

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