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  1. Objectives of the intensive vocational training project
    I- To create a skillful, specialized and well-trained Lebanese labor force on new technologies required by the Lebanese labor market
    II- To fill some vacancies in the Lebanese labor market
    III- To limit unemployment as much as possible
    IV- To move a labor force whose profession has no place in the labor market to another profession having a place in the labor market

  2. Conditions required for the admission of a candidate in a vocational training
    I- He/She must be of a Lebanese nationality
    II- Must be 14 years old and more
    III- His/Her educational level should allow him/her to join the profession object of the training
    IV- His/Her health should allow him/her to bear the profession object of the training

  3. Documents required from the candidate when presenting a training application
    I- Fill the application joined with a photo passport for the candidate
    II- A discharge signed by the trainee's parents
    III- A civil status certificate or a copy
    IV- School certificate showing the educational level of the candidate
    V- A health certificate (from a doctor) as an evidence that the candidate can bear the profession object of the training

  4. Applications should be presented at:
I- The training centers
II- The NEO's Bureaus
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