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Why to Subscribe?
Why to Subscribe?

Do you have a hard time finding qualified personnel?

Are you looking for a job that suits your skills?

The National Employment Office offers you the solution.

NEO  The right job. The right person

Free Service  To save time and money, NEO puts at your disposal a specialized team in order to efficiently satisfy all your employment requirements, be it hiring or seeking for a job, all free of charge.

Database  NEO has established a real database of the various job offers and job applications in all sectors for Lebanon and abroad.

Fast service Thanks to its computerized database, in less than 48 hours, NEO provides employers who have job openings, with a great number of potential employees whose personal, cultural, and professional abilities meet the employers’ requirements. On the other hand, NEO provides potential employees a number of job opportunities matching their skills and interests.

Orientation  in order to facilitate the selections and reserve the proposed offers to the most qualified candidates, NEO orients the potential employee towards the most appropriate job and prepares them for the interview with the employer taking into consideration all personality and skill tests.

Free will   Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, the final decision is yours! You are the only one who can choose whether to take a job, or to hire someone

For more information, call us on
NEO Beirut 01/616335 or 6
NEO Tripoly 06/447440
NEO Saida 07/727911


With the collaboration of the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative reform and the European Union (ARLA project)